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Also, there are some lessons than only failure can teach.

Courtship teaches that you should not enter into a relationship until you are “ready to get married.” But can someone ever really be ready for marriage?

I don’t know a single married couple who when looking back says they were really ready.

Typically they describe marriage as being like jumping off a cliff into a cold lake.

I can tell you where confidence doesn’t come from: it doesn’t come from giving trophies to losers.

Which begs the question: how do you become confident enough to ask a girl out?

Courtship advocates prohibit young men from spending one-on-one time with young women and then are shocked (shocked!!!!

) when these young men become adults and lack the confidence or competence to pursue single women.

They thought they were ready, but when they hit the water the cold and excitement knocked their breath away.

If we are not careful, “readiness” can be a bit like a carrot on a stick that one can never really attain.

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By encouraging young people to go on platonic dates while discouraging them from going steady, we give them a chance to build their confidence and competence. It takes time to get past the cooties stage of girl-guy relationships.

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