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Together with my younger sister Jenny, who went on to become a famous fashion designer, I was raised in Southampton by my dad Colin, who ran a marine engineering business, and my mum Rita, a legal secretary, who died three years ago.

As soon as I could crawl, I was in the garden picking up worms, tadpoles and ladybirds.

Chris Bosh's mom tells TMZ Sports allegations she's trafficking drugs out of the Texas home owned by her NBA star son are ridiculous and untrue ... We spoke with Frieda Bosh and her son, Joel Bosh, about the police raid on the home where she lives in De Soto, Texas ...

in which cops claim they found evidence connecting Freida's house with a drug trafficking operation.

I insisted on a houseful of pets, while my room was full of snakes and lizards. I was always close to my sister, but as I grew older I didn’t have many friends.

Seeing nature through her eyes refreshed my own love of its most simple things — such as placing a tadpole on the palm of her hand or watching a wasp lick jam off the end of her nose. I wasn’t trying to be Megan’s father — she had one already and saw him regularly.

But we started dating and over the months our relationship became more serious.

Jo’s only stipulation, quite rightly, was that she wouldn’t introduce me to her daughter until she could be sure I was going to be a more permanent fixture. That afternoon, Jo made some excuse about needing to do some errands and left us alone to get to know each other.

But I was all too aware that my role came with huge responsibility and I never took it anything less than seriously.

What I could do was give her the gift of an education beyond the school gates.

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