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I don't love it, but like it and think it could be easily worn around others. Fragrance Review For Very Sexy For Her Victoria's Secret Top Notes: Clementine Cappuccino Middle Notes: Mimosa Camellia Base Notes: Musk Vanilla Amber I have nothing but love for the Victoria's Secret fragrances. That clementine plus cappuccino plus vanilla are suited to each other. This smells so good and it's sure to induce compliments from even strangers on the street.

The end notes, to me, are a staple in my choice of perfumes.

And the drydown is luscious with musk, vanilla and amber. Mostly an evening sensual romantic fragrance, but I sometimes use it during the day, but GO SUPER LIGHT if using the day, like ONE spritz. The sillage and longevity is amazing, even with the body mist version. ; ( I thought it would smell exactly like this one..well. He absolutely loves it and requests I wear it all the time. When i think of sexy, i think of warm, sensual and mysterious so i would never consider 'Very Sexy Her' to be 'sexy'.

Wore this as a signature scent awhile back when I could not get my usual Dior Poison signature scent, loved loved loved it, just bought some and started wearing it again. All I know is that this perfume right here has gotten me the most compliments out of any perfume I've ever owned. It is a citrus based fruity floral (the clementine note is very dominant), a very playful and light fragrance which is better suited for casual wear than for romantic interludes. This is one of the first perfumes I ever owned (and still own).

Unfortunately I don't really detect the top notes actually, cappuccino and clementine? Maybe since my bottle is an old one they have died out? Between ages 18 and 20 while working my own way through college I took various sales jobs in perfume department stores like Macys Nordstrom and Sephoras. I did enjoy the original Very Sexy but this is a delicious gourmand coffee scent. It develops into a vanilla cappuccino smell right away. On me this is a sweet delicious cappuccino with vanilla scent.

The mimosa kicks in soon afterward and a light floral note of camellia which is more of a rose fragrance. It's supposed to be sexy and I have yet to try Sexy Attraction but the VS perfumes are lingerie bedtime scents.

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It was a woman's perfume when VS fragrances were selling to women. I made the mistake today treating Very Sexy for her body spray as any other and drenched myself in it. I imagine that every time I wore this to school that I smelled like I was about to turn tricks around the corner. It's undergone many changes and moods but the perfume that was first launched as Very Sexy was and is my favorite. I remember saving my money from my job at the age of 17 in order to get my hands on this perfume.

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