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X-Plane 9 First, configure X-Plane to transmit the simulated latitude, longitude, altitude, heading, pitch and roll to the computer where xplage is installed.

The xplage program is distributed primarily as open source code in the C programming language subject to the terms of the GNU General Public License.In this view, the eye may be thought of as being directly in front of the airplane and pointing slightly downward.Each refresh cycle repaints the perspective based on the simulated aircraft's roll and pitch orientation.Xplage is a software utility that listens on an IP network for UDP datagrams representing the geographical coordinates of the simulated flight path of an instance of the X-Plane® flight simulator, then transforms them into a series of continuously updated KML files that Google Earth® can ingest to create “moving map” displays.Xplage repeatedly generates two different KML files at a refresh interval specified by the user.

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Unsupported and minimally tested binaries compiled for X86 target platforms (the OS X executable is a “universal binary”) may also be downloaded from this page.

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