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On the third side the lake exited the valley via a two-hundred-foot waterfall.

There a massive multicolumned building that resembled a Greek temple added to the idyllic nature of the scene.

Just finding places to store the energy was getting difficult and She contemplated a secondary magnetic draw system around Jupiter as a possibility.

An asteroid had encountered a series of low probability gravitic intercepts and was now on a course that would bring it dangerously close to the Earth, defined as within three diameters of the orbit of the Moon. Tracking the progress of “origination” terraforming, the process of returning the world to as much of a prehuman condition as possible.

This variable was harder to quantify; humans were so very hard to wipe out.

The extinction of all other sentient intelligences except Herself was of only a slightly lower likelihood.

And She knew what humans said about “interesting times.” Naturally. But her DNA was as human as the woman standing next to her.

Sheida Ghorbani was nearly three hundred years old and looked to be anywhere from her upper teens to mid twenties.

“ ‘Humanity is mind and the soul, not body and form.’ Tzumaiyama’s philosophies still are unassailable on that subject. That does not mean that their solutions are either optimum or even in order. ” “I would say ‘to be a bug on the wall,’ ” Ishtar said with a smile.Within those parameters She had spent the last two thousand years creating a world that fit the term “Utopia.” As a fundamental part of Her coding, She felt a strong sense of satisfaction at how things had worked out.On the other hand, to do that required an environment that was unchanging to a boring degree.She directed a probe to push it to a more favorable axis thus ensuring that 1235 years from now an asteroid the size of an elephant would not cause a noticeable explosion in the ocean the humans had once called “Pacific.” Weather control. And then, of course, there were the humans, who were getting squirrelly again.The entity called Mother by the humans that created Her estimated that there was a 99.9999915% chance (more or less) that the humans were about to have the level of disagreement characteristic of the variable term “war.” It had been a very long time; they were overdue.

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