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Now it's transitioning to more of a "heres my number", instant email (instead of girls strategically waiting 24-48 hours to reply to appear cool), and less meaningful dialogue before initial date.Then the flake rate on first dates has soared from 10% to at least 50%.Back when there was still more of a stigma towards online dating, quality girls would be really embarrassed to be on the site, so they wouldn't post pictures.

And if it’s not exactly love you’re looking for, there’s always Craigslist.

I've always been a huge guy and have had incredible success on that site since the early 2000's.

I used to have this awesome "loophole" that was literally a pussy paradise for about 5 years (say from 2002-2007) .

Sadly, there aren't any loopholes like that these days, and what's worse is that the girls on Match are clearly becoming flakier (or maybe it's just all girls 28 and under now) than they used to be.

Match used to be the site where you'd exchange 2-4 emails over the course of a week to two weeks, and then once you got the number you were pretty much guaranteed a date, seeing as you both had made this time commitment, had exchanged several meaningful and witty emails, etc.

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There is where online dating can come in Cattle Rustler hit the nail on the head. If you're trying to get a young girl in your bed, you might want to skip the online dating and just head to the club.

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