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If you have even minimal familiarity with the genre, you can skip them.

The tutorials throw a lot at you at once, and the core game does a good job of introducing the basics at a more leisurely pace. Worth noting: the franchise is far bigger than 15 games, despite what the name suggests. There are a lot of easy side quests to do while you get comfortable, and there is no wrong way to play.

One of my favorite book tools, as both a librarian and a reader, is Goodreads.

If you’ve never heard of it, Goodreads is a reader-driven book review and discussion website.

Highlighting a book I haven’t read will seem perfectly normal if you read my earlier post about Louise Penny.

There are dozens of spinoffs, mash-ups, and remix projects, though numbered entries are considered to be the main series. Mostly, the Final Fantasy games just share core elements. If you’re really concerned, the game does have a newcomer-friendly easy mode. There’s a lot of cool stuff to explore — finding new recipes for your friends, tricking out your ride and cruising around, fishing, sorting through photo memories.

Items and magic spell names are reused throughout each game; monsters and magical summons reappear consistently with new designs; you can always find characters named Cid, Biggs, and Wedge. You may see a character named Cid in every Final Fantasy universe, but it’s not the same Cid. There’s a high level of detail in this game that makes it enjoyable beyond its story or fights.

Same goes for moogles and chocobos, although these super cute types of furry-slash-feathered friends tend to appear mostly the same in each iteration.

Moogles look like a sort of cupid-based bear; throughout the series they’ve been everything from sentient, talking party members to cute toys.

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creators declare in the game’s opening screens that their game is designed for new and returning players alike, but Final Fantasy’s long and weird history can be daunting.

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