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Right about the same time this photo of Craig and Anderson Cooper at a Vanity Fair party showed up. I'm not saying that they're right, but I do enjoy the idea.It's also funny, I never noticed the photo's tag line is "Anderson Cooper and Daniel Craig hooking up at the Vanity Fair Party."He didn't just get married to any woman, though. And all your wishing and gossiping will not make it so.[quote] Rachel Weisz would not beard or marry a gay man. She already had a relationship with one bi man (Aronofsky).Maybe she found the conversation a waste of time and irritating, like discussing if maybe the earth is flat or if Christmas falls in February. His first marriage fell apart because the straight bitch couldn't deal. I think he said something about there should be a gay Bond (a lesson Andrew "written all over my face" Garfield copied). I called my sister-in-law and she said that Craig could sue if she put it online. She said that her agent and I could discuss about closeted celebs.He's now married to Rachel Whatever who is also bi and was formerly married to bisexual director Darren Aronofsky. The last Bond of course had some nice gay touches with camp villain Javier Bardem, a step in the right direction. My sister has a crush on RDJ but is sure that he's gay, I think that he's just a bit camp. himself in the past said he likes to kiss guys when he is drunk. Sounds like OP's lesbian boss had the right response. He also has a daughter like one previous user said. I thought that that was just a youtube thing or something. Have none of you delusional idiots heard of the News of the World phone hacking scandal?Anyway, wherever Andy Cohen is around, there seems to be another mo in the vicinity. I like lesbians, but I've noticed more than once One getting bent out of shape or depressed when learning a handsome actor is definitely gay. He was also willing to do a full-frontal scene to appeal to the ladies and the men. Daniel is very gay friendly, not homophobic at all. If you don't want to be here then get the hell out. Saw him for the first time in Skyfall and I must say it was appropriately described this man's acting ability. He wasn't even good looking, he reminded me of a taller, more wrinkled, older looking version of Russia's Putin.Well, no one posted any evidence at all, so I have to assume that R33 is correct: Daniel Craig is straight, and he is blessedly non-homophobic, and hence willing to joke around and flirt with gay guys, because he is so secure in his own masculinity and self. One of the reasons I don't go watching Skyfall is because of him.At thanksgiving, she told me that she knew dozens of closeted homosexuals in the business, but wouldn't tell me because "it's their right to do it themselves". She showed me a photo and Daniel was grabbing Robert's arse. It's just so sad that people have to lie to themselves just so they can save their careers. Totally ludicrous that RW would agree to be DC's beard. It's really ironic that Jude Law has just found out that one of his family members was paid by News of the world for information about Siena Miller's affair with DC. R187 Sienna is considered a whore, because she was fucking a married man with 4 kids. Infact, most of the men she has fucked around with, were in relationships. R189, yeah, she's such a slutty whore that she forced innocent family men into having sex with her. BULLSHITI always thought Sienna Miller was bisexual, so maybe she also likes her men a bit girly. He and Hugh Jackman shared a single dressing room when they did A STEADY RAIN on Broadway together. And their dresser was a pretty young man who had never worked on Broadway before or since. I think the story about being in the closet for his parents is particularly stupid since his parents either divorced or he was raised by a single mother. Before we provide proof, R262, we want to have proof of whether you're straight or gay. Who knows if that sienna miller shit turns out to be fake or worse... I know that someone here will give me a lecture about how for men it is about getting your needs met, but 99.99% of literally straight men will use porn, pickup a women at a bar or use a prostitute if they don't already have a wife/gf/f-buddy. Rupert Murdoch for years has heartlessly trawled the personal lives of celebrities. LOL, who the fuck names themselves clear bright and famous? I know for a fact that he used to go to a bar in ny owned by a homophobe. That being said, maybe they flirted, but I doubt that they are an item. But then again, I'm a straight woman, so maybe it's just hope.But it's really common in Hollyweird.[R136] You're right. Note: there was nothing about his secret " gay life style". So back to fantasy land where all attractive A list actors are gay, but the homely ones aren't. She probably drugged these happily married, and might I add Saintly, fathers so she could have her way with them. I remember hearing rumors about her and Rachel Nichols, but laughed at the rumors. Either way his mother was involved in a local drama group and knew a bunch of gay people; Daniel took an early interest in acting and has been working since he was 14. There used to be TONS of gay pictures of "straight" actors on the internet back in 2005 ish. Provide a link to your birth certificate and a video of you having sex. I saw a picture of him holding hands with downey jr. they all are covering for each others sexualities Then again, this is a disscussion to see of hs gay or not, and obviously people will agree, others will disagree. Straight-ACTING men and bi men DO lust after men, but literally straight men do NOT lust after men. As for DC, many here do not seem to know about the News of the World hacking scandal. No doubt his newspapers were all over the George Michael "lewd acts" in a public toilet scandal for instance. EITHER DESPERATE TO BE STRAIGHT OR PUBLICITY STUNT. The owner had made many anti-gay remarks to my friend who was closeted at the time and would crack jokes about gays etc, loves foxnews,just vile. Owner used to post pictures of DC in his bar on fb. Daniel and Robert are both too busy being closeted. Him being on vacation with andy cohen and watching men at the gym. Tsk Tsk Tsk, I don't think he'll come out in THIS lifetime, if he does, at least when he's old. I guess the Andy Cohen Vacation is kinda gay, but if we get pictures of him and downey kissing, We now can safely say that they're gay.

If he is bi--which, let's face it, he's an actor, wouldn't be that surprising--I just can't see him dropping to his knees to worship Anderson's cock. Daniel Craif has had real relationships with real women and had real children. And being photographed with Anderson Cooper at a soiree does not a liaison make. Too bad that never happened (nervous studio execs...). All he suggested was that considering how coldbloodedly Bond seduces women, it would make sense for him to seduce guys too in order to further the aims of Her Majesty's Secret Service. R24, read my post again (R22): I said gay [bold]storyline[/bond]. He wanted to appeal to both gay and straight audiences. Or are you just too fucking moronic to grasp that simple fact? It's easier that way and technically they aren't fooling anyone because they like women.

So, IF he is gay, does anyone have some good strong evidence that Daniel Craig is gay that I can present her?

They can't bear a gay gossip board for..gossip, r15. It's a total mystery how or why they even end up here...

He's at ease with sexuality unlike most male celebs.after my husband shamed me by impregnating the star of his movie Black Swan, I divorced him and said Daniel, lets get a beard thing going...

It will prove you are not gay and also help me get over my public humiliation.

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I've read rumors elsewhere that he's gay and mentioned this to my boss, who is a lesbian.

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