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I've been pondering these questions this week in Alabama, where I've been speaking to people about Mr Moore, attending his events and getting insights into his life and career. Largely, Alabamians who I spoke to see a political witch hunt to bring down an ultra-conservative evangelical Christian who has long been a thorn in the side of authority.

He is a lifelong morality campaigner and was twice ejected as the chief justice of Alabama for putting religion before the law.

They've been sacked, resigned, had their films, TV shows and book deals cancelled, been stripped of honours, had their careers frozen, in some cases literally overnight.

Will politicians be subjected to the same standards?

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Alabamian Republicans flipping to vote Democrat is a stretch. that if the allegations are true, then Roy Moore should step aside. The Attorney-General's memory has been foggy at the best of times regarding his own interactions with Russians.

He still firmly believes that."Senior Republicans have been more direct. Mr Trump was even asked by Chinese President Xi Jinping who Mr Moore was, according to AP. Sitting Democratic senator Al Franken has also been accused of forcibly kissing model and broadcaster Leeann Tweeden during a rehearsal for a skit on a troop entertainment tour to the Middle East in 2006, before he was in office. Since Mr Sessions last appeared on Capitol Hill, former FBI director Robert Mueller has been busy, indicting both Paul Manafort and Rick Gates and extracting a plea deal out of former adviser, George Papadopoulos.

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