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For example, I bet David Letterman has not told any Top 10 jokes about African-Americans being stupid watermelon-lovers.

Côté sports et loisirs, vous trouverez un terrain omnisports, un terrain de tennis tous deux avec possibilité d'éclairage, basket-ball, volley ball, sur réservation la veille. Ages ago, I used to have every new Top 10 list emailed me to me, but that did not last for long. At the barbershop, you say, "Give me the 'Ken Burns'" 3. "Bald with moustache" is a tough look for women to pull off 1. I'm not a regular viewer of Letterman; I hardly ever watch him.(The retort I began to give people when I got tired of them asking why my daughter wasn't married, being that her parents wouldn't allow her to marry outside her race, and she couldn't find a guy who was Japanese, Korean, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, German, Jewish.) The ISIS one is, IMHO, not funny, except maybe because there can only be one person who runs ISIS, or anything else, so it can't be a top ten reason unless there are only ten single people. And have any of you heard any jokes about mixed race couples?The ones that rub me raw are the ones about a person not being stereotypically attractive enough. A better response than public outcry might be to write a top ten list of why David Letterman isn't single: 1. I'm not sure I have, except for one in the movie, "Social Network" where one of the Facebook guys says, "Why do we like Asian women?

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