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Days of Abandonment, published in Italian in 2002, predates her more famous books, the Neapolitan Novels.

However, for me, it was the book that woke me up to her writing and led me to notice Italian writing.

But much like Lila Cerullo taking up arms at Bruno Soccavo’s sausage factory (shoutout to my fellow Ferrante-heads!

Escrita en primera persona, la protagonista, Leda, és una professora divorciada que decideix passar les vacances en un poblet de la costa del mar Jònic, on lloga un apartament minúscul tota sola després que les seves dues filles, ja adultes, hagin optat per abandonar-la i traslladar-se a viure amb el seu pare a Canadà.

Ferrante is reportedly also working on a screenplay for the TV adaptation of the Neapolitan novels, which is slated to air on HBO in the United States. Stephanie Kirchgaessner in Rome New work is understood to be a novel separate from TV screenplay writer is working on for adaptation of Neapolitan series Elena Ferrante is back. It has been just over a year since the Italian novelist behind My Brilliant Friend and the rest of the highly acclaimed Neapolitan series was outed by an investigative journalist who claimed to have discovered her true identity.

Since then, fans of Elena Ferrante, who has always written under a pen name, had reason to worry she might not return.

Finally, some good news: Elena Ferrante is writing again.

Last year, after Ferrante’s identity was allegedly outed by Italian journalist Claudio Gatti — despite her oft-stated desire to remain anonymous — many worried that the pseudonymous author of the Neapolitan novels would never write again.

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