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They work with any age group and teaching situation (family scripture study, family home evening, primary, Sunday school, or seminary): 1) Follow up questions Once you’ve asked a question, listen to the young person’s response and then ask him/her a second question about their response.

Then ask them a third question about that second response, maybe a fourth question.

Your continued questioning helps them probe deeper into their own thoughts and experience. When you ask the young group a question, don’t be afraid of what follows: that dreaded, awful, awkward thing called SILENCE (cue spooky music). If you jump in and give them the answers after 5-10 seconds of silence”¦ the kids will come to expect that, and shut down mentally.You smile at him and say “yes, that’s exactly right” and you move on with your lesson. Or was he just reciting the “right answer” without actually thinking about it?That is the challenge when teaching young people the gospel, isn’t it?Here is a brief description of the book: Each chapter heading includes a title and an approximate date. This can help you as a teacher better plan how to approach each set of verses and where to focus your attention.In a glance, you have the text of the Book of Mormon alongside your notes and helpful lesson ideas.

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He and his wife have been married for ten years and are the parents of three children. George, Utah, where he enjoys road biking nearly year-round.

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