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For now, those who having no Inner Knowing can only observe and surmise.The Earth will end as I have written The “Viables’, all 650 million of them, will be rescued. Others will be rescued spiritually once they physically die.Well, a similar advantage occurred for us with the prognostication of the West Coast EQ in late May, 2015.I was impressed to give the date of occurrence in late May as a near certainty.* THE ‘AVATAR’ IS THE ONE WITH THE MESSAGE OF THE END.I HAVE WRITTEN ELSEWHERE WHAT I MEAN BY ‘THE AVATAR’.

These are prognostic dreams, and the Plan of Rescue is definitely on schedule.

You will note from the various warnings that the Government and FEMA are giving, that the EQ on the West Coast was merely postponed a few months. By blocking it in May, the Evil Beings have disadvantaged themselves a great deal. Others will simply be executed in cold blood by their so-called brethren. We will just have to wait and see who is right in this and who is wrong. Bear in mind, however, those changes attributed to Planet X are already being described by many, and that the changes are affecting not only Earth but all the planets and the Sun of our Solar System as I previous advised readers..

Remember that from the very first day in 1985 when I went public, my message was that ALL LIFE WOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE PLANET IN PREPARATION FOR ITS TOTAL DESTRUCTION. Do we have any evidence to support what I have just written? I have posted quite a number of videos and essays that give credence to this physical timetable on my website and in my Special Posts which are only available to my Members. Again I remind you that “It’s a WAR of Essences, so expect the unexpected!

There is nothing that we, on this level, can do about timing.

All timing alterations since I declared the Message in 1985 have been to advance the End forward. Since then, the End has been revised downward every time I have reviewed it, so much so that now it is August 2016.

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  1. Does anyone have any experience about how long this last stage takes? GT You probably mean citizenship - of which a passport is just a part. Information: As time guide it is now exactly a year since we sent in the original (1st stage) of the application, and we have shelled out about CHF800.- Hope this is useful information for someone.